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About Kene Okoye

A creative writer, banker, pianist, composer and music promoter, Kene documents events and presents his viewpoint in compelling narratives. He sets out to create vivid pictures with his intelligent use of words and seeks to engage, thrill, educate and inspire the reader. Come on and enjoy yourself.


  1. This one I can quickly relate with, lol, well waiting for the rest of the story. jisike

  2. Appetiser. Waiting for the main dish which I know you would serve hot and sizzling… Just the way I like it

  3. Great intro…never knew you are a literary genius…keenly waiting for the rest.

  4. Kekeke-Kene;
    This again is a Masterpiece…an excellent Introduction;…keenly expectant for the rest…I Love your Style Brother!

  5. Interesting piece! Made me remember some interesting cash officers, heads of operation and branch managers and their knack for shredding.

  6. Mathew Oladipo

    Nice one Oga Kene.
    I would appreciate another piece that illustrates the reckless spending habit of some bankers and how to mitigate against such financial recklessness.

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