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Chibok cries… Bring back our Girls

The lamentations of a distraught Mother… An engrossing debut by Dramola Olapade

I await your return, Hauwa

My door is constantly ajar, to receive you

I rush to the door, at the sound of footsteps

Yet again, my hope fails and my joy wanes


You are nowhere to be found, Hauwa

My imaginations again playing tricks on me

When will this torture end? when will the pain cease?

I am blinded by tears and incapacitated by sorrow


I am drowning in this mire of hopelessness

Yet I struggle to cling to the feeble promises

As the days turn into weeks and the clues fade away

Desolation creeps in and my comforting tears take flight


Then I look starry eyed as the whole world screams

Bring back our girls, with one resolute voice

But the villain spews venom in garrulous rage

Threatening to sell my daughter just like a slave


Why would I let you go to school?

If I thought they would take you from me

Into the dreaded depths of Sambisa

That have gobbled up many of our Soldiers


I await your return, Hauwa

An eerie silence fills our home

Chibok has become a haunted village

But my eyes will not close till I see you again


By: Daramola Olapade

Twitter: @dara_pade


About Kene Okoye

A creative writer, banker, pianist, composer and music promoter, Kene documents events and presents his viewpoint in compelling narratives. He sets out to create vivid pictures with his intelligent use of words and seeks to engage, thrill, educate and inspire the reader. Come on and enjoy yourself.

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  1. So touching

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