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Pay Diamond: A Compelling Investment Model

Hello Folks, Have you heard of Pay Diamond? If you didn’t read my initial post on this investment/multi level marketing opportunity, please read here. I thought to do another post on this amazing investment vehicle and provide more information that could help you make up your mind.


I was introduced to Pay Diamond late July this year and though I didn’t initially catch the bug then, I saw the opportunity and made up my mind to invest. Invest I did and few weeks later, I’d become a promoter and just can’t stop talking about Pay Diamond.

I’ve taken time to analyse the investment with the trained mind of a finance expert and I find it very interesting. The diamond business is lucrative, the investment model which is hinged on its unique multi level marketing (MLM) plan, is sustainable and the company is focused and appear poised to dominate their market.



I like to define Pay Diamond as a unique, authentic and verifiable investment and multi level marketing vehicle that offers its investors guaranteed weekly retainership bonus of 5% on their package for 50 weeks.

Interestingly, the payments in the initial 25 weeks (amounting to 125% returns) is actually your profit. The company thereafter, depending on your choice, delivers the diamond you paid for or monetizes that and pays back the capital invested plus interest (125% of your capital) in another 25 weeks. Pay diamond therefore offers an impressive 150% returns on investment.

The keyword in my definition is; “GUARANTEED”. The weekly bonus is not tied to any other conditions… No referrals or recruitment is required to earn. It is purely an investment, with guaranteed returns.

The real deal however lies in the many other rewards that accrue to anyone who isn’t just interested in collecting the retainership bonus and doing nothing but rather takes up the challenge of growing the Company’s business. This brings me to the amazing multi level marketing plan of Paydiamond with 4 other bonuses on offer:

  1. Direct Referral Bonus
  2. Team Binary Bonus
  3. Unilevel Bonus
  4. Qualification Bonus


Price List in Naira: Calculated using bitcoin rate @ N375/$:

1. Joy Pack is $200 = N75,000

2. Light Pack is $400 = N150,000

3. Plus Pack is $1,200 = N450,000

4. Master Pack is $3,600 = N1,350,000

5. Safe Pack is $18,000 = N6,750,000



Now, let’s look closely at the three strong adjectives that I used in qualifying Pay Diamond in my definition:

 UNIQUE – The pay diamond weekly bonus and compensation plan is one of a kind, there’s currently nothing like it across the globe. It is the brainchild of the founder; Carlos Luiz, a Brazilian Economist and Systems Engineer with over 26 years experience at very senior levels as the Commercial Director and Marketing Director in a Japanese and Chinese multinational respectively. The model is flexible and sustainable, considering the potentials of the underlying business. Your earning starts after 30 days and you can access your earnings (withdraw) or reinvest by upgrading or purchasing a new package to maximise returns.

 AUTHENTIC – Pay diamond is real/genuine and not a scam. The company is a billion dollar, profitable venture and is involved in the lucrative business of buying raw stones, cutting, polishing and processing them to luxurious gems and industrial diamonds for sale. Pay Diamond has a physical presence with registered office in Hong Kong, and own assets (a mine in Sierra Leone and an investment fund in excess of $110 million, which was audited by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) before Pay diamond was listed on July 13, 2017). The Company is a going concern with great vision for the future.

VERIFIABLE – The company’s claims are true and can be verified. Pay diamond has a robust, automated and user friendly payment platform that operates seamlessly, without human intervention. The Company has been in existence for 2 years, meeting its obligations and commitments as and when due. The business was launched in Abuja in June 2017 and already we have many investors and beneficiaries of the investment in Nigeria.



Every MLM model comes with some level of risk and investors’ risk appetite vary. I therefore advise that you start at a level where you’re comfortable and increase your investment when you have a better understanding of the business.

For those who intend to really explore this business, Pay Diamond offers more earning opportunities beyond the guaranteed weekly bonus. As an MLM model, the business is driven by people and those who excel are those who actually embrace this concept and and grow the numbers. The Company, in addition to the guaranteed weekly bonus, have on offer; the direct referral bonus, team binary bonus, unilevel bonus and qualification bonus and these are achievable via multi level marketing.



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