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The Innovative Mize Network – Review

Mize Network is an international company set up by a group of Managers, Developers and Networking Experts, with structures located in Singapore, London and Madrid. The Company was created to commercialize products related to crypto currency. The CEO of the Company; Adrian Jacuzzi is Argentine and resident in Portugal.


The Company offers investment opportunities in Bitcoin infrastructure with Nine innovative products lined up.  The first product of the company on offer presently is called Power Nodes.

According to the Company’s website; https://mize.network,Powernodes is a mining club that offers the opportunity for anyone to efficiently and comfortably get into the crypto mining sector that otherwise would be inaccessible. Powernodes is focused on offering the best form of investment and performance of crypto currencies, by using the most advanced technology and systems.”

Power Nodes incorporate Proof of Work (POW) and Proof of Stake (POS) mining. Each Power Node costs €100 and with a one off investment, affords you earnings in Bitcoins for a lifetime. You can only open one Mize account but can buy as many Power Nodes as you can afford and payment is in Bitcoins. Power Nodes have a 30 day set up time, so daily earnings start from day 31 direct to your dashboard wallet. You can also opt to compound your daily returns to earn more.


Mize Network equally offers affiliates amazing rewards for growing a team;

1. 5% direct referral commission
2. 10% binary commission

Another amazing feature of Mize is the capability of automatic payments straight to your Bitcoin wallet once the €50 minimum earning threshold is attained. In registering as an affiliate, you setup your Bitcoin wallet and payment is made to your wallet automatically without you initiating withdrawal. This means that as your team grows, you have the capability of earning Bitcoins daily.


Mize Network looks interesting, with the uncommon prospect of accessing bitcoins via the innovative product called Power Nodes, at a lower cost than mining. The automated bitcoin payment also eliminates the common payout challenges faced by such businesses. For those looking for quick returns, Mize might not easily catch your attention but the fact that any Power Node acquired is a lifetime investment and there will be no need to renovate after a period, makes this a smart option.

As always, I will advise that with investments in the volatile cryptocurrency market, you proceed with caution. Invest as much as you can forfeit and increase when you are comfortable with the system.

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