Casey -A breath of fresh air


Hello Guys, A new category that profiles dynamic Artistes kicks off today on kenespoint. To grace this maiden edition is Casey… Remember him? Winner of the 2010 Glo Naija sings. Casey has released another single “Come and see what the Lord has done” from his soon to be released debut ...

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Siege of Terror


“Daddy, why did the bomb affect them?”, my young daughter enquired innocently. She had seen visuals of the hospitalised patients in the aftermath of the May 1 Nyanya bomb blast which had sustained the strings of dastardly attacks that had held the Nation under siege. The shock of the initial ...

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That their grief might cease


“Consequently, the Igbo customary law, which disentitles a female child from partaking in the sharing of her deceased father’s estate is breach of section 42(1) and (2) of the constitution, a fundamental rights provision guaranteed to every Nigerian. The said discriminatory customary law is void as it conflicts with Section ...

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An Easter to remember


I watched the young man in unfeigned admiration. He looked suave, in his carefully trimmed hair and well tailored suit and spoke so passionately about the upcoming Camp Meeting, that I became curious. He spoke with conviction as if indeed he heard from God, otherwise why would someone be making ...

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A Nation under attack

nation under attack

Nigeria woke up on Monday April 14, 2014 to the shuddering news of a bomb blast at a bus park in Nyanya, a suburb of Abuja. According to Police reports, at least 71 people are dead and over 124 wounded from the explosion that rocked the densely populated park. Blood ...

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Gambia, no problem


“Let’s go home Daddy”, Nicole said with resignation. I was intrigued as I watched her Dad try to appease the disturbed girl and reassure her that they would be going home soon. The statement was an unbiased verdict and a vote of no confidence in the prevailing condition of living ...

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Celebrating Mothers


It is Mother’s Day and a great opportunity to celebrate that special specie, whose vital contributions to humanity cannot be overemphasized. Motherhood is a high calling. It is a life of sacrifice, compromise and delayed gratification. The journey is fraught with discomforts, rapid physiological transformations and life style changes. It ...

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The challenge of fatherhood


It is common to hear a father proudly declare, “that’s my girl/boy” when a child excels but quick to denounce one that fell short of expectations. Fathers are wont to bask in the glory of their children’s success. The question however remains, how much influence did this father have in ...

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Roses in the tropics

Happy Birthday to my lovely wife Uche. This attempt at poetry is just for you… If I had a garden I’ll plant roses just for you If I had an orchard Lovely grapes will I only grow

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