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A Lesson from the Ant

Ever envisioned having poverty as a permanent houseguest?
That is obviously an unpalatable and distressing situation, which  should get any right thinking fellow up and about.
Laziness is one vice that the bible strongly decries in many instances.
Today, I share with you one of those wisdom nuggets that implores us to watch and learn from the industrious ant.

Proverbs 6: 6-11 (The Message)
“You lazy fool, look at an ant.
Watch it closely; let it teach you a thing or two.
Nobody has to tell it what to do.
All summer it stores up food;
at harvest it stockpiles provisions.
So how long are you going to laze around doing nothing?
How long before you get out of bed?
A nap here, a nap there, a day off here, a day off there,
sit back, take it easy—do you know what comes next?
Just this: You can look forward to a dirt-poor life,
poverty your permanent houseguest!”


About Kene Okoye

A creative writer, banker, pianist, composer and music promoter, Kene documents events and presents his viewpoint in compelling narratives. He sets out to create vivid pictures with his intelligent use of words and seeks to engage, thrill, educate and inspire the reader. Come on and enjoy yourself.

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  1. Very interesting, the way The Message Bible puts that passage of scripture… hard hitting, no holds barred!

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