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Classic… Buchi in "Ke Hossana"


It must take some level of ingenuity to consistently inspire worship with a genre of music that is strongly associated with weird crusaders and junkies. Buchi, previously featured here, has consistently done that… getting men and women to dance and worship God to the beats of his soulful and Spirit-laced reggae songs.

Though reggae music has many detractors, it has nevertheless garnered strong following over the years with the impact and lyrical depths of some of its icons.Buchi, a University Don turned Musician, in adopting this unique vehicle to share his convictions, had embarked on a daunting task which he has nonetheless excelled in.

I still recall vividly, setting my eyes on this legend of our times, two decades ago, as he rocked the stage at the “Harvest Concert”, a Musical Outreach hosted by BLW, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria. I have watched his live performances many times since then and never has he failed to melt my heart with his words and songs… not once. Like the proverbial old woman, whose mastery of the dance steps she learnt in her youth never wanes, Buchi’s skills and relevance have increased over the years.

Ke Hossana, from his new Album “I See” is a rich addition to his long list of hit songs, where he showed his dexterity in weaving his compelling narrative round a popular Nigerian Chorus, creating something beautiful.

Enjoy the video, directed by Oluyinka Davids of iFocus Pictures:

Also available on iTunes:

Connect with Buchi: Twitter: @buchibwai; Facebook: buchi

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  1. Whao, simply amazing

  2. Lovely song by Buchi..actually, an EXCELLENT song! I hope to see him minister at IPPC! This song would definitely have heavy air-play..duff my hat for him! Also, Kene, I’d want to discuss with you on how you run your blog..really nice. I almost feel real cool air & peace when I see/read your posts..thanks!

  3. This is the result you have when you’re born of God’s Word that lives and abides forever. …You will always be undated and the best in what you do.

  4. Simply amazing, thanks Kene for sharing

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