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ELI-J delivers his message with panache


Dynamic, compelling, refreshing… few words that captures my feelings after watching the new sensation at the recently concluded Loveworld International Music Concert in Lagos, Nigeria.

Elijah Isen a.k.a Eli-J was real and believable in his performance as he dramatically introduced Jesus Christ whom he dubbed “Mr. Fix it” in his fantastic song titled; “Somebody Knows”. I watched and listened, enthralled and was beside myself with excitement as he hit the high notes after the low start to the song. I wasn’t alone, as most of the audience in the 15,000 capacity Loveworld Convocation Arena applauded… some with an affection borne of familiarity that got me wondering how come I was just hearing of him.

Eli-J had a message and delivered it with panache and the right dynamics… He is one to watch out for.

Click on the following link to download and enjoy “Somebody knows”… Download link.

Connect with Eli-J: Twitter: @whitegod001; Facebook: Elijah isen


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  1. Eli-J has been a personal favourite since I first heard him in his early years at his University- a Regional Campus Program. I was blown away, I have looked forward to hearing him from Pastor’s global platform. I was sooooo excited.
    Yes, he is FANTASTIC
    you might want to listen to ‘God Speaks’-another amazing song or ‘The Bible is Not just a book’.
    Lets watch him rise!

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