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Magnificent FCMB Christmas Carol and Thanksgiving Service


The FCMB Christian Fellowship pulled off a magnificent show in the 3rd Annual Thanksgiving and Carol Service which held at City Hall, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos on Wednesday December 17, 2014. The exemplary commitment and the contagious enthusiasm shown in the several hours of rehearsals by the bankers, who gallantly defied the odds of their tight schedule and the Lagos traffic, culminated in a consummate display.

The ambience of the fully decorated hall was enough to relax anyone that stepped into the event and set the tone for an evening of pure bliss. Anchored by Ik Ezeji, who smartly steered the evening’s affairs with class, the event kicked off with an opening prayer by Wunmi Kalejaiye, followed by a congregational hymn “O little town of Bethlehem” and a session of rapturous worship led by the Praise/Worship Team.

Chike Chukwuelue was on hand to give a brief introduction of the focus of the august gathering following which Valerie Akoni was introduced to read the first lesson; “The fall of man” taken from Genesis 3:1-15.

The radiant 70 man choir, ably led by the Legal Counsel; Funmi Adedibu and conducted by the Handels of our time; Olugbile Erinwusi and Ezinwa Obi, stepped out to a resounding applause from the audience. The Choir joyfully reeled out five awesome carols… “Angels from the realms of glory”, “Praise to the Lord”, “Silent Night”, “Joy to the world” and “Mary’s boy child” in the first phase of their performance.

The second lesson; “The prophet foretells the coming of the Saviour” drawn from Isaiah 9: 2, 6 & 7 was taken by the bank’s former Legal Counsel; Jumoke Bakare while Bukola Smith read from Luke 2: 1-16 for the third lesson; “The birth of Jesus”.

The Choir was on stage a second time to sustain the tempo with another set of carols… “See amid the winter snow”, “O Christmas tree”, “Ding Dong Merrily” and the classical piece “In Dulci Jubilo”. The delivery was superb and the excitement tangible as the audience lapped up the musical performance served.

The fourth lesson; “The Word was made flesh” came next as the CFO; Yemisi Edun read from John 1:1-18. Then the Drama Crew thrilled as they recreated the events leading to the birth of Jesus Christ up to the visit of the Wise Men, in the piece titled “The Annunciation”. The script, written by the DH, Human Resources and Change Management; Felicia Obozuwa, was top-notch. Chris Iheuwa, our talented Director, did not disappoint as he got together a skilled crew, built a perfect set and in such a short time, got his cast to impressively interpret their roles.

Kayode Adigun gave a brief exhortation where he dwelt on the theme of the night; “The birth of Christ: The road map to reconciling humanity”.

The choir was back again. This time donning their dancing shoes, as they went through indeginous songs; “Ima Obong” a dynamic Efic song, “Kabiyesi” a Yoruba song and “Messiah”, a song I have run out of superlatives to describe as it evoked nostalgic feelings of Ebenezer Obey’s classics which I was exposed to in my early years.

The inspired performance got the audience dancing and the inspiration was evident as Nana Odejayi poured her heart out in praise to a Mighty God, in her closing prayers taken after the Congregational Hymn; “O Come all ye faithful”.

The GMD; Ladi Balogun, who graced the event with other members of the bank’s Executive Management Committee was effusive with praise for the Organisers of the event, the FCMB Christian Fellowship, the splendid Choir and the Drama Crew and noted his pride in leading such an awesome Organisation.

Food and drinks flowed as the band continued with Christmas pieces and the audience mingled and wished each other a Merry Christmas. The evening ended on a high as the audience joyfully exited the hall in expectation of a Glorious 2015.

With the success of the 2014 edition of the Carol and Thanksgiving Service, we can only imagine what the 2015 event would be like for as the scriptures declare, we are confident that the glory of the latter would surely exceed that of the former.

Pictures of the glorious event will come your way soon.

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  1. My brother, truly you have been blessed from on high with the uncanny gift of great writing. Please keep it up!

  2. Kene, this is a wonderful summery of the great event. I wish I was there early. Keep this up.


  4. I was there and Kene left no stone untouched in his descriptive prowess

  5. I haven’t been to such an organised and excellent Xmas Carol ever before.

    Thanks to FCMB and all participants.

  6. Such a descriptive write up of event making those of those that were not there almost moved to tears!


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