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Winner: Words on marble contest for April 2015

I started a new segment titled; Words on marble and the maiden contest, see here, was to identify the title of Pastor Chris’ message with the quote “The key to all of life in the earth is the Holy Spirit”.

The post was well received and many remembered the timeless message but identifying the title was a real challenge. However, someone did get it right. Congratulations to our maiden winner, whose blog ID is; iconicsam. He was the first to correctly identify the message as “The impact of the Holy Spirit on the human body”.

Just as promised, he was rewarded with a beautiful gift of a wrist watch.


Below are the links to the awesome message and you will do well to get them and enrich your life with the revelations:



Watch out for the next edition, which will come your way on the first Sunday in the month of May.

Stick to the Word… it sure works.

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  1. Nice one! Thanks! Looking forward to the next segment *winks*

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