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Words on marble contest: May 2015

It’s a new month and I bring you excerpts of another classic message from Pastor Chris and challenge you to tell the message. The idea is not only to play a game, but to bring these indelible words to your remembrance and also give your spirit a jolt.

Below are the cues and excerpts of the message for the contest in this new segment; words on marble.

Quote: “If I am a child in this family, then I am an heir in this family, not because I deserve it but because I am born here.”

Screenshot from the video:


So, let’s see who would be the first to identify the message and provide the title in the comments section. A beautiful gift awaits the winner. To qualify, you have to follow the blog and use a blog ID and email address when leaving your comment… this would make it easy to contact you to receive the gift.

Let the contest begin!

“There are different kinds of children… and in the same family, you could have different kinds of children. I didn’t say different children, there will definitely be different children, I mean kinds. Sometimes in a family, the same family, you have one child that believes the father hates him. He just believes it. You can’t convince him that his father loves him. Not even his father can convince him. He just believes it, that his father hates him. There are many things for him to look at… the way his father shouts at him, the way his father beats him when he does something wrong, the way his father refuses to give him whatever he is asking for, even the room in the house that they put him. All these things he would consider as hatred.

You have another one, who believes, in spite of everything that he might go through with the other one, that his father loves him. You have the one that believes that the mother hates him or a daughter that believes the mother hates her. You have the one that believes that the mother loves him,  just that way. How do they come to these conclusions? Thoughts, thoughts… Thoughts are powerful things, I tell you. Thoughts… the thoughts they accommodate, where do the thoughts come from? The bible shows us that thoughts can come from; Number one, Our own reasoning, based on the information that we have acquired. Our own reasoning, based on the information that we have acquired… whether from our environment, from what we read, from what someone said, from whatever we watched, whatever it is, information acquired by us. Then also, satan, the bible shows us that satan can plant thoughts in our minds, because thoughts have spiritual potency. Are you following this? Thoughts can be thrown to your mind.

Thoughts are information clothed with imagination or suggestions clothed in images and thoughts also can come to us as inaudible voices. You’re hearing this? God also sends us thoughts. So thoughts can come from us, based on our own acquired information. Thoughts can come from satan or his demons… ok, satan or his demons and thoughts can come to us, from God or his Angels. Praise God…”

“I boldly confess, that I, having believed in Jesus Christ, have eternal life in my spirit. Praise God! That’s it. Now, here is the deal; Now that I am a child of God and have his life, hey come on, what else will I ever need? Nothing. You get the idea?

Now imagine… If it’s true that he died for me and he was raised from the dead for me? If it’s true and it is true. If it’s true that I have received his life and nature into my spirit, by his word as he prophesied and decreed. If it is true, why would I need to do anything to be blessed. It doesn’t make sense, come on talk to me, it doesn’t make sense. If I am child in this family, then I am an heir in this family, not because I deserve it but because I am born here. Come on somebody… did you get what I said? The reason God’s blessings belongs to you is not because you’re doing well, not because you’re serving Him faithfully. Do you understand? This is the reason many faithful Christians can’t understand why with their faithfulness… they can’t understand why their prayers don’t seem to always get answers, they can’t understand…”

“Now, that’s what it’s saying… Imagine if your life, many years this has been your contemplation, like it’s been my contemplation. While the other guy was fighting with God… I was spending time digging my gold, you see that, playing with my diamonds, pulling out my oil… You see the mentality? …Our lives cannot be the same… our lives cannot be the same. I see all the good things in my land and they can’t find nothing. So they are gonna live a life of complaining and worrying and someone says, well… so, whose fault is it? Is it not the person that gave them the land? Yes… so what do you do? Find out what is in your land. The oil was not in the top surface, the gold was not in the top surface, the diamonds were not in the top surface, brother. Find out what you’ve got in your land…”

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  1. olaitan imoisili

    The message is seeking a godly seed

  2. I think the message you got the excepts from is “Power of Thoughts”

  3. olaitan imoisili

    Hello. Please I want to change my answer. Hope I can do that. The message for the may words on marble is Goodly Heritage. Thank you.

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