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He is coming again


“He is coming again…” Those were the key words in this special moment from the just concluded International Cell Leaders’ Conference (ICLC) 2015. As Pastor Chris shared with the large congregation of worshippers on the first day, he was overcome with emotions and with tears in his eyes, he said;

“…Prepare your life because He is coming again. We are not preaching for nothing. No, we are getting men and women prepared for the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is coming for a Church without spot, without wrinkle or any blemish or any such thing. A Church that is holy and undefiled, a Church that is living in faith, walking in faith, walking in the word of God, manifesting the realities of the kingdom of God, that’s the Church he is coming for. If that kingdom is not in your heart, there’s no way you’re gonna go in there. It’s for those who have lived it from their spirits. That’s why the bible talks about the spirit of just men made perfect. Those who have gone ahead of us. One day very soon, we’ll be caught up from here. This world is not our home…”

I bring to you this compelling video clip from the Conference. A moment to treasure, a message that will drive you to reach out with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. A timely message that would turn many hearts towards Jesus, who is coming again, to receive “a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing” (Ephesians 5:27)

Click on the link below to watch:

It is indeed a wake up call to the Church. For me, my priorities are being rearranged.

What about you?


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