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Eben releases “Jesus at the center”

In recent times, Emmanuel Benjamin a.ka. Eben has become synonymous with compelling worship. The inspired Gospel Artiste, featured here, no doubt enhances that burgeoning reputation with his recent release titled; “Jesus at the center”.

Produced by the prolific A4jeazy, the song is special and always ushers in that unique atmosphere of miracles that only the name of Jesus can bring.

Eben has blessed millions with the song while ministering at the recent “Night of Bliss with Pastor Chris” in South Africa and Ghana and has brought that same atmosphere at your fingertips.

Just click on the link below to download and enjoy; “Jesus at the center”:


At the center of it all

It’s you that I see (2x)..

There is power in your name

Miracles happen in your name

As we lift our voice in praise

It’s you that I see (2x).. 


You are bigger, bigger than the biggest

You are stronger, stronger than the strongest

You are higher, higher than the highest

You are greater, greater than the greatest

Jesus (8x)…


Credit: www.eben4u.com

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