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Easter Special from Iyke Onka; “No Greater Love”

It’s an Easter Special from Iyke Onka, the skillful Producer and Gospel Artiste blessed with silky vocals and inspired lyrics. Iyke Onka hit the limelight with the release of his debut album; “Another Miracle” in 2006, with the well received theme song; “Another Miracle”, underlining the rare attributes of his music.

Since then, the soft rock exponent has gone on to release two other albums; “Fly High” and “YaHWeH Vol. 1” in 2009 and 2015 respectively.

“No Greater Love” is drawn from his latest album; “YaHWeH Vol. 1” and has been graciously released by Iyke for your Easter delight.

In his words; “With Christ… It’s all about LOVE… the greatest of which was shown by His sacrificial death on the cross. Be inspired by the Love of Christ this Easter… and let it motivate you to love more and serve more…”

Click on the links below to download and enjoy “No Greater Love” by Iyke Onka:


Iyke Onka is taking the right steps in fulfilling his mission; “… to make wholesome music that is inspired of the Holy Spirit to bless and minister to his audience on all levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and materially.”

I hope this post inspires you to pursue your own dreams.


Credit: www.iykeonka.com

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  1. Great song as always, thanks bro Kene for bringing it to us.

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