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Be strong and very courageous

“Only be thou strong and very courageous…” Joshua 1:7

As I thought of the challenges in our world today and the fact that many are discouraged and afraid of what the future holds, I recalled this timeless instruction delivered to a man that was faced with a formidable task.

God was speaking to Joshua, charging him with the responsibility to lead the people of Israel across the Jordan River into the land He had promised them. Moses had just passed on after bringing them out of Egypt through the wilderness and Joshua, his trusted assistant, knew the enormity of the task ahead of him. Yet God left him with a simple message; “be strong and very courageous”.

The task ahead of Joshua was one that could inspire fear in the heart of even the brave. He was meant to lead the takeover of a land inhabited by a people God had described as giants. Those giants surely wouldn’t vacate their place of domicile to some entitled folks without a fight. God therefore needed him to understand that the critical factor that would guarantee him victory was courage… Courage inspired by the knowledge that God was with him.

In the same vein, the events of our day paints a very gloomy picture. Inflation is on the rise, industries are shutting down, companies are laying off and employable youths are idle. Militants have overrun the nation, kidnappers are on the prowl, armed robbery is on the increase and the economy is in a mess.

One thing however is certain… if you give in to fear, you will be overcome by the many troubles that surround us. In the midst of all these, God is saying to you; “be strong and very courageous”. Don’t be overwhelmed by the challenges that lie ahead of you, don’t bow your head in defeat. Brace up, draw courage from the Word of God and face your day with boldness.

The greater one lives inside of you.

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A creative writer, banker, pianist, composer and music promoter, Kene documents events and presents his viewpoint in compelling narratives. He sets out to create vivid pictures with his intelligent use of words and seeks to engage, thrill, educate and inspire the reader. Come on and enjoy yourself.


  1. Thank you for these inspiring words of courage. No one could have said it better.

  2. Glory to God in the highest! Thank you for this. Greater is He that’s in me than he that’s in the world. I’m not a victim of the system no matter how bad things get for I’ve been made a victor on the devil, the world and its system.

  3. this is a word in season!

  4. Thought provoking and encouraging. Remember ‘He will not fail thee nor forsake thee’

  5. Words of wisdom thanks Bro Kene, I am strong and very courageous.

  6. This message is so timely and inspiring. Thank you for reminding me of these words. I am strong and very courageous ready to face the days ahead.

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