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Sounds & Colours by Casey ED

Sounds & Colours, an 18 track compilation by Casey ED is a mix of genres, sounds, ideas and contemplations. A singer, song writer, musician and lover of arts, Casey’s undoubtedly creative spirit finds expression in his unique brand of music.

Featured here, Casey Oritsejolomi Edema has come a long way since winning the Glo Naija Sings competition in 2010. He’s stayed true to his calling and been vitally involved in the gospel music scene working and touring with notable gospel act; Sinach.

Sounds & Colours includes 3 bonus tracks from Casey ED’s previous EP; “CASEY ED EP” and feautures skits of spoken words and various artistes who represent the sound God gave him.

I trust that you will enjoy this beautiful gift from Casey ED. In his words; “…one would find this work enlightening, entertaining, inspiring, interactive and a blessing.”

Click on the link below to enjoy the work:

Find below the credits and album track list:

1. Spoken word (Maxine)
2. We Are One
3. Spoken word (Simone)
4. Unplugged Session Ft (Maxine,Amaka,Mr Brown&Otedola)
5. Spoken word (KI,Nolly,Cynthia)
6. 10 Mangoes
7. Spoken word (Casey)
8. Sound
9. Spoken word (Cynthia)
10. I’m Not Ok
11. O Lord (Accapella)
12. Spoken word (Simone)
14. Prayer
15. In All The Earth (featuring Sinach)
16. Jesus Is Coming (featuring Marx)
17. The Word Of God
18. Nigeria Land Of God
•Come And See
•Most High

All Tracks (except Spoken word 1) written by Casey Ed.
Tracks 2,4,6,14,15,16,17,18 & bonus tracks produced by GATE HOUSE MEDIA.
Tracks 8 & 17 produced by KI, All Spoken words mixed by KI
Track 10 produced by Otedola and mixed by KI


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