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Ada’s captivating Video: Only You Jesus

How I conspired to miss the release of Ada’s official video for the song; “Only You Jesus”, beats me. Though I couldn’t help wondering where I was when the video had amassed over a million views on YouTube, I just made up my mind to relish the experience as I clicked to watch.

Unsurprisingly, I found the video quite captivating.


The song in itself is a bold proclamation of the power in the name of Jesus. Built on a somewhat familiar Nigerian tune, the melody resonates with many and the song had become a hit in such a short time.

The video is simple and yet doesn’t fail in vividly conveying the message of the song. Ada, at her graceful best, eloquently expressed her love for Jesus in the beautiful production by Carel Films.

In an inspiring piece about the song, Ada wrote, “This isn’t just a song I sang, it is a song from my spirit, it’s not just a song I sang, it is my answer! With Jesus, I have no plan B because every time I call upon Him, He answers… As you sing this song today from any where and in any situation, even from the belly of a fish like Jonah, Sing it with Joy and Faith as you get ready for an uncommon victory, for Only He will do for you what no man can do! Call His name; Jesus! He is capable!”

What a testimony!

Kudos to this marvelous team for consistently making great music.

Enjoy the video “Only You Jesus”:


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