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Join WellBaby Q-Project – A Worthy Cause


The Q-Project is powered by the WellBaby Friends Network (WFN). Conceived by Kris Ero, the Q-Project is a purely philanthropic initiative that takes up worthy causes every quarter and sets out to meet the needs of the identified organisation, working together with a band of committed friends.

Speaking about her motivation for the Project, Kris wrote, “In the course of what I do, I have come across people who give a new meaning to the term humanity… Who humble me and make me realise how so grateful I ought to be for my life… I meet people who devote their lives to touching these lives. Putting their hands in the gutter, so to speak, getting their hands dirty… The Q-Project is determined to contribute towards making life easier for thousands, giving hope to millions and easing the work of those blessed souls that have made it their calling to brighten the lives of the downtrodden Children, mothers, women and men!”

In line with the WellBaby vision and in upholding the intent for Q-Project, there was a search for an organisation that was already doing its bit towards helping to make the world a better and safer place for children. The Touch A Life shelter, located at Ikeja, Lagos was identified as the first beneficiary of the Q-Project. The Organisation’s main objective is to help reduce the scourge of homelessness, especially on women and children. It is a shelter that’s designed to accommodate 50-60 people including children for a maximum of 12 months per resident.



1) Kitchen utensils such as plates, cups, pots, spoons, forks.
2) At least 2 kerosene stoves to support the 2 they have already that feeds 60 people.
3) The rooms need fans. Be it standing fans, wall fans or ceiling fans.
4) Pillows
5) Beddings such as bedsheets and blankets.
6) Clothes for children as well as adults.
7) Toiletries: Soaps, detergents, disinfectants, toilet papers, diaper for babies as well as sanitary towels for the women
8) Food: Yams, rice, beans, garri, tomato paste, groundnut oil, Palm oil, seasonings, etc.
9) Administrative and office supplies. Such as a computer, a printer, paper, files, pens, pencils etc
10) A fridge to help with storing cooked food.
11) A TV for entertainment value.
12) Buckets and washing basins.


Write via info@wellbabyng.com or call +2348154442777 and indicate how you would want to help. Creative idea are equally welcome.

Check out ww.wellbabyng.com/q4-2016 for more information.

Let us support Touch A Life shelter! Join the Q-Project and WellBaby Friends Network to make Christmas memorable for those in need.

Remember on WellBaby… Every child is OUR child! #togetherwecan

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  1. onyemenue emmanuella nneka

    Am a social worker and a graduate of university of Lagos Nigeria,please I really want to volunteer for the well baby program.looking forward to get a favourable response

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