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Happy Birthday Sinach!

Happy Birthday Sinach

Happy Birthday Sinach!

She is no doubt skilled and exceptionally passionate about what she does. Her elevation to her current status however is unequivocally linked to her unwavering dedication to her craft and her unalloyed devotion to the Lord Jesus. She has given us songs that linger and altered many lives with her inspired music.


Today, we celebrate an outstanding worship leader, award winning song writer and a trailblazer… Happy Birthday Sinach! Team Sinach salutes you!

In commemoration of her birthday, the Sinach Live In Concert Team (SLIC) has come up with this wonderful song to celebrate the amazing woman of God. The song features: Little Tina Kalu (who did the opening intro of the song), Casey Ed, Terrence, Manny, Jubilee, Alpha, Nolly, Ki, Theowisdom, Cyude and Ngozi Kalu.

Click on the link below to download and enjoy:


“With over 25 years of leading worship around the World, Sinach is a worship leader known globally for writing over 500 hundred songs, some of which include ‘This Is my Season’, ‘Awesome God’, ‘For This’, ‘I stand Amazed’ , ‘Simply Devoted’, ‘Jesus is Alive’. I Know Who I Am, The Name of Jesus and many more which have become anthems in many Churches and homes all around the world.

SINACH has a large and ever growing global fan base from over 150 countries, committed to listening to her music, and following her on every available social media platform.

Recognized by several institutions and governments around the world as an agent of positive influence, SINACH remains committed to Christianizing the world with her God given music everywhere her song is played.”


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  1. God has blessed us with the most incredible YOU in this part of heaven. Very rare and unprecedented. God has added another awesome year to you and you deserve nothing but God’s best of life. You’re exceptional, smart,loving, amiable, hardworking, firm but very compassionate. You have the strength of a lion,a leader per excellence and a servant of God. I really want to use this opportunity to say l love you endlessly. My prayer for you is that God will give you peace all round, favour and prosper you in health and in wealth, equip you to exceed your target and cause you to stand out over and above your contemporaries and above all, God will wrap you in His love in JESUS name Amen. I celebrate you woman of excellence,Have a glorious day and lifetime. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  2. Florence Maxwell, LCA church

    Its an honor to celebrate an astounding woman of God. Spirit filled worshiper. I celebrate God’s greatness in your life. Thanks for being a blessing to me and the body of Christ and of the increase of your wealth, influence and affluence there shall be no end. Amen
    Happy Birthday Sinach! I love you

  3. I want to use this great opportunity to wish this wonderful woman of God happy birthday.thank you for answering the call of God and also our man of God. You ‘re a surprise to many an amazing personality.You surprise me on my wedding day by attending I am very grateful and the gift you gave me. You have never seen anything yet because God is starting a new thing in your life and is from glory to glory.I see you dedicating your baby very soon. I love you ma. Happy Birthday sister Sinach.
    Bro Uche.

  4. Happy Birthday to you Sinach… I love you so much!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Deaconess​ Sinach. Your songs over the years is always fresh and full of glory. Any time I listen to you, am always inspired and mightily blessed. I thank God for bringing you in a such a time like this. Thank you ma. Love you all the way. God bless you .Hip, Hip, Hip!Hurray!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to a superstar, a champion and a general of God. Whose faith in the Gospel is unquenchable. Her voice is as a fresh water that quenches every thirst and revive the soul. Happy Birthday ma.
    To: sinach

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