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Adieu Daddy – Tribute to Mr. M.M Okoye

My Daddy, Music Icon with a wonderful skill in playing the Piano, Educationist, retired Supervising Principal, Organist, Music Composer and Choir Master joined the Saints triumphant on the 3rd of March, 2021, at the age of 96.

Yes, at 96 he was still very sound, strong, lively, energetic and articulate, as he can tell you stories of his life over and over again without mixing things up. Some of those experiences he was ready to share at any slightest opportunity are: his journey to Utonkon, his trip to Onitsha from Nanka on foot to attend entrance interview to the Prestigious DMGS and his encounter with the White Man (Rev. E.D.C Clark) that turned him down because he was overaged. Etc

With Daddy & Mum (Jan 2021)

I remember waking up every morning as a child to the sound of soft music coming from my Dad’s Organ. As long as his organ was in good condition, all was well.

I can still hear the sound of his loud and robust laughter with the clapping of hands that follows, as he celebrates with you over any success no matter how little.

Hospital was too far for my Dad. I can’t forget in a hurry the experience of the outbreak of Cholera in Abakaliki in the early 80s. Everyone in the town was forced to vaccinate except my Dad… he would always boast; “Cholera odiho afraid?” meaning, “Is Cholera not afraid?” Indeed Cholera never neared our home.

With Daddy & Mum (Dec 2017)

He was such a joyous soul to be with, very peaceful, ever ready to forgive and move on. Lateness was’nt in his dictionary as he attends events at least 30 minutes before time. Music (playing piano) was his form of worship. He showed gratitude over any little appreciation shown to him and was ever willing to share his resources with you anytime, anyday.

I kept getting the advice; don’t cry for him oo , you are lucky he lived a long and fulfilled life but then, it hurts nonetheless to know that he is no more with us here. Our comfort is that he has gone to join the Saints triumphant.

Daddy with my family (Dec 2017)

Daddy, Just don’t forget to say hi to my Son; Chizy. I will miss you both till we reunite again at the feet of Jesus.

The Legacy you left Daddy, we will uphold and maintain.

I am proud to be your Ada and only daughter.

Mrs Chinyere Ifezue

Daddy & I (Dec 2017)

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