Gambia, no problem

“Let’s go home Daddy”, Nicole said with resignation. I was intrigued as I watched her Dad try to appease the disturbed girl and reassure her that they would be going home soon. The statement was an unbiased verdict and a vote of no confidence in the prevailing condition of living ...

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Celebrating Mothers

It is Mother’s Day and a great opportunity to celebrate that special specie, whose vital contributions to humanity cannot be overemphasized. Motherhood is a high calling. It is a life of sacrifice, compromise and delayed gratification. The journey is fraught with discomforts, rapid physiological transformations and life style changes. It ...

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The challenge of fatherhood


It is common to hear a father proudly declare, “that’s my girl/boy” when a child excels but quick to denounce one that fell short of expectations. Fathers are wont to bask in the glory of their children’s success. The question however remains, how much influence did this father have in ...

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Roses in the tropics

Happy Birthday to my lovely wife Uche. This attempt at poetry is just for you… If I had a garden I’ll plant roses just for you If I had an orchard Lovely grapes will I only grow

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The eventful life of a Lagos Banker (5)

verbal abuse

Henry left that meeting in a state of euphoria. As he drove home, he reminisced on the events of that evening. The striking ambiance of the venue, the melodious music, the inspiring testimonies and the riveting message from the Pastor all played out with a touch of excellence. He however ...

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Deep in the dark – The story


Hello Guys, thanks again for taking out time to stop by. I had received interesting responses on my first poem on this blog, published here last week. In response to popular demand, here is my account of the armed robbery attack that inspired the poem; Deep in the dark. Enjoy ...

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