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The miraculous journey of Kris Oziofu Ero

Miracles still do happen! If you were in doubt, just read this amazing story of Kris Oziofu Ero; producer/presenter of “A woman’s world” on TVC and “WellBaby”, a talk show on Radio Continental, as she recounts her inspiring journey. Kris is my friend and I knew to some extent what she went through. The episode has ...

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The eventful life of a Lagos Banker (5)

verbal abuse

Henry left that meeting in a state of euphoria. As he drove home, he reminisced on the events of that evening. The striking ambiance of the venue, the melodious music, the inspiring testimonies and the riveting message from the Pastor all played out with a touch of excellence. He however ...

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Deep in the dark – The story


Hello Guys, thanks again for taking out time to stop by. I had received interesting responses on my first poem on this blog, published here last week. In response to popular demand, here is my account of the armed robbery attack that inspired the poem; Deep in the dark. Enjoy ...

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