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New Video from Laureche: Miracles Flow

I woke up this morning to a message that put a wide smile on my face and gladdened my heart. Laureche shared her new music video; “Miracles Flow”, which I found very refreshing. It is equally timely, considering the havoc being caused across the globe by the COVID-19 pandemic and the sense of panic created by the daily barrage of news of impending doom.

Laureche, who I have featured on a couple of occasions (see here and here) doesn’t need an introduction. Over the years, she has consistently put her talents to use in creating great music and in organizing the Miracle Worship Concert; an annual worship concert that has garnered a strong following and been an immense blessing to many.

Produced by Lawrence Omo-Iyare, the video chronicles a series of recorded healing miracles, as the soothing song is delivered with great depth. A melodic tune, with a simple arrangement and strong vocals, makes for a totally enjoyable music. Indeed the cry for the miraculous is stronger now more than ever, as an extraordinary and divine occurrence is needed to heal our world of a pandemic that medical science has no answer to.

Click on the link below to enjoy; Miracles Flow

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