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Eben thrills in new video


Emmanuel Benjamin a.k.a. Eben, one of the most dynamic Gospel Artistes of our time, has released the video of his ground-breaking worship song; You alone are worthy.

A professed Rock Artiste, Eben has established himself in that genre with his high-octane vocal deliveries in previous albums. Since he was thrust into the limelight at the release of his debut album; “On the Rock”, which had hit tracks like; “Imara Nma” and “God Dey” dominating the air waves, Eben has not relented.

The vocal giant has rather gone ahead to reinvent himself. His smooth transition to worship has been nothing short of phenomenal, with his unique ability to retain his rock flavour in that hallowed arena of worship.

“You alone are worthy” is a special song that encapsulates everything about Eben. A song that will stay with us for generations to come, the classy video is a befitting artistic work that would inspire many more to lift their hands to the God who alone is worthy.


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  1. This is can only come from God. It is divine,awesome, amazing,well packaged, beautiful. A ready vessel to be used greatlly by God. Ride on.

  2. Eben this your song is over awesome, superb but most of all very heavenly. I love it. Kind of love the video also but permit me to lay a constructive criticism. Your back up singers didn’t exhibit enough heavenly demure. I can’t imagine singing this song without divine glow radiating from they face. I didn’t see nor feel the grace from their faces & expressions. Honestly they didn’t look like they were into the song. And I think that is very important for any gospel artist called to minister life. But for that, it was a good one. You are too much

  3. Gwill (malaga recordz)

    Am always blessed each time I listen to your songs ,thank you for yielding to the holy spirit

  4. Nwabueze Charles Ibeanu

    Spirit filled…

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