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Behold The Golden Girl: Deaconess Aijay Ogbonna-Onugha

Behold the golden girl… Standing tall with a long, lush head of hair, she comes off to some as haughty but in close range, you’ll discover she is entirely different. Effortlessly dissarming and delightful, she lights up a place with her laughter and charm and sees humour in everything.

Aijay is a woman of courage and displays single mindedness in her pursuits. She is full of God’s love and you can’t help but see God’s glory all around her. She is indeed the woman the Lord has blessed and her husband and children extol her virtues.

Back then as undergraduates at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, she was one of those Believers LoveWorld (BLW) folks that lit up the school and neighbouring schools with the message of the Gospel. Those who might have attributed the passion to youthful exuberance would be amazed to find out that the fire is still burning strong in her, as she joins the golden league.

A brilliant soprano, she was one of the lead vocals in the Choir and was a member of “Paragon”, an all girl group that sang in many of our Outreaches those days. She also distinguished herself in the Drama Group.

I used to mockingly call her “The Bad” in reference to the design of her nose and it’s uncanny semblance to that of Lee Van Cleef. For those who don’t know, Lee acted the role of “Angel Eyes”, the antagonist in the 1966 legendary western; “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. Haaa, some people are now inspecting her nose.

In contrast however, she is all shades of Good… A Good Lawyer, Business Woman, Mother, Singer and Leader.

We celebrate our own Deaconess Ijeoma Ogbonna-Onugha (Nee Umeasiegbu) as she clocks 50!

Dear Aijay, God has been gracious and kind to you and you will flourish even more in the coming years. Celebrations shall never cease in your home and God’s bountiful grace will propel you to greater heights in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Big Congratulations Golden Girl!

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